About Us

Vroves, founded in 2016, as a research and development company
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At the beginning our focus was outsourcing in all possible areas of the software developments fields. We are an agile company. Customers satisfaction is our main goal. We always deliver high quality solution to the customers. Our team is distributed around the globe what allows us to work nearly 24/7. We have teammates at the following locations:

  • Russia: St. Petersburg, Tomsk
  • Europe: Amsterdam
  • US: San Jose

We have deep knowledge in streaming and multimedia fields, but not limited only to them. Here is a short set of technologies, frameworks and application we've used or built:

  • DirectShow
  • OpenMax
  • Gstreamer - building transcoding apps, own components, wrappers for HW codecs, etc...
  • FFMpeg - customisation, optimisation of the codecs, etc...
  • Ansible, Dockers, Puppets, etc...

How we work with custom projects:

When certain request comes from the potential customer - we briefly review it within a team and provide feedback/suggestions to the customer. The next step is to build up a SoW (if the project is not bigger than 1 month, SoW goes for free). SoW contains multiple big phases/milestones. Within a team we split them up on the smaller ones, so we can show a progress to the customer within short iterations (each 2-3 weeks). We don't ask for any up front payment.